GIMPIX Model Search
  • Are you a reasonably attractive woman with your leg in a (plaster) cast?
  • Are you sitting around bored and / or worrying about cash flow?
  • If so, then did you know that your cast might have a silver lining!
  • Our philosophy is that just because a woman has her leg encased in a plaster cast does not mean that she is any less attractive. On the contrary, we believe that a plaster cast can (and should) be used to make a fashion statement just like hosiery or footwear.
  • Gimpix is seeking attractive women from late teens to early middle age wearing a leg cast to model for non nude glamour photography.
  • You can either have a friend take photos, or (depending upon distance) have a Gimpix photographer come to you.
  • We are especially interested in casts that have been artistically decorated.