Pickup Football Game - Mather A.F.B. California 1969

I first saw Emily during one of my weekly visits to the orthopedic
clinic at our base hospital.  She was in one of the open ward beds
with a long leg cast hanging from some overhead structure.  I was 
in uniform and decided to go to see her and visit.  She was very
friendly and proceeded to tell me the story relating to her broken

The weekend before, she and her younger sister were playing football
with the neighbours in an open grassed area between the base housing.
Her team had come up with a play that would take advantage of the 
fact that no one was going to cover a girl.  She floated out to the
right flat as a pass receiver.  As they suspected no one covered her.
The next play she did the same thing, this time receiving the pass.
Emily was now running as fast as she could straight down the side 
line.  She was at top speed and looking at the goal line, when she 
was hit very hard from behind, driving her into the ground.  The 
impact knocked some of her breath out.  She now found herself lying
under two large boys who were very happy to prevent a girl from 
scoring on them.  Her whole body felt like she had been run over. 
She crawled a few feet off the side line to try and get herself back
together.  Her leg hurt a lot, but it did not look like it was 
broken.  Emily, with her sisters help hopped home and spent the 
weekend resting.  Monday morning; following a sleepless night 
because her leg hurt everytime she moved it, her Dad took her to
the base hospital.  

The orthopedic clinic was full of casted people when she hopped into
the waiting room.  They put her in a wheelchair, and took her down
the hall to x-ray.  The technician announced proudly that indeed her
leg was broken, and she would be going to the cast room next.  Now
examined by a doctor, she was informed that a regular cast could not
be applied because she had a fever and some infection had started 
at the break.  This had also caused a lot of swelling.  He admitted
her to the hospital after putting a cast splint on her leg.

Emily had been in the hospital four days when I first saw her. They
had just that morning placed her leg in a full plaster cast extending
from her toes to the top of her thigh.  Her fever had gone, and she
was going to physcial therapy to learn how to walk on crutches that
afternoon.  The next day she would be released. I was there the next
morning when her sister arrived with a bag of clothes for her to 
change into and go home.  Emily slid herself and the casted leg out
of the bed, and stood up on the new wooden crutches.  Her sister 
put a robe on her to cover the exposed back of the hospital gown. 
She slowly crutched over to a common womens room located at the end
of the ward. Emily emerged from the restroom with sweat pants and a
sweat shirt on.  The sweat pants had been pulled on over the cast,
leaving only her lower leg, foot and toes exposed.  Her Dad now 
returned having filled out all the paperwork.  She got into the
wheelchair he was pushing.  At the hospital entrance she got out of
the wheelchair and crutched to the car.

I was visiting the hospital four weeks later when Emily was 
scheduled for her checkup.  I watched as she got out of the car and
crutched toward the orthopedic clinic entrance.  She had developed 
very good crutching skills, and looked great in her short skirted 
summer dress, long leg cast with exposed toes, and a great California
tan.  Emily and I visited as she crutched to the x-ray department.
She indicated that they were going to take this cast off today. I 
observed that the cast looked well worn, and some damage had 
occured around and under her toes.  It looked like she had been
walking on it a little bit?  I carried the large x-ray envelope back
to the clinic as she crutched next to me.

From my vantage point, I could see her on the cast table as the Doctor
examined her cast.  She began to pitch a fit as he told her he was 
not going to take the cast off at that time.  She said he had 
promised to do so, but he reminded her that he had not promised 
anything of the sort.  The Doctor instructed a technician to repair 
the cast by putting a plaster strip under her foot, and wrapping the
ankle and foot area with a roll of plaster bandage.  Emily crutched
back into the lobby area mad as hell.  She related to me that the
Doctor told her the leg needed two more weeks in the cast, and to make
sure she did not put any weight on the cast.  She was not happy. I
walked with her out to her car.  The fresh plaster applied to her foot
area had covered several signatures, and left her with a partial toe
plate under her exposed toes.  She could move them up, but not down.
I told her I would see her in a couple of weeks.  She said she may not
be back in two weeks because she was going to "cut the damn thing off" 
herself.  She was no longer in any pain and her leg felt fine: "Stupid
Doctors", she said. 

A couple of days later, I observed her in the front yard of her base
housing.  She was rough horsing around with a male friend.  Dressed in
cut-off blue jean shorts and a t-shirt, she really looked great. The 
two of them were pushing and pulling each other as she balanced on her
crutches.  Suddenly, she hit him with one of her crutches, and grabbed
his baseball hat.  He grabbed the crutch pulling her towards him. Emily
then dropped both crutches and started to hop-run-drag away from him,
walking, hopping, dragging her casted leg.  He charged after her 
tackling her bare leg with enough force to slam her to the ground. They
both continued to roll back and forth on the grass with little concern
for her long leg cast.  Emily slowly stopped fighting back as he pinned
her arms down to the ground while laying on top of her.  They were soon
engrossed in a long, passionate kiss.  He then rolled off of her, as 
she rolled up on top of him.  Back and forth they went with her casted
leg flopping around in the grass.  The passion began to build in both
their young bodies.  He got off of her, standing up next to her. Emily
reached up to him as he pulled her up on to her feet.  He then picked
her up and carried her to the house, leaving her crutches laying on 
the front lawn of the duplex.  At the doorway into the house, he put
her down to open the door.  He opened the door and she hopped inside
putting weight on her cast as she walked.  I waited for some time, and
no one came back outside to retrieve her crutches.  Emily was clearly 
not treating her broken leg with the requested care.  

The next weekend I saw Emily at the local mall.  The reworked ankle and
foot portion of her cast was dirty and worn, now blending into the rest
of her cast.  She was mostly walking on the cast, but did have her
crutches under her arms.  I monitored her and the boyfriends activities
as they generally toured the mall, had lunch and went into the movie 
theatre.  She had walked on her for most of the day.  Later in the day,
I saw her using the crutches and not putting weight on the cast. 
Something must have started to hurt.....

Two weeks later, I was monitoring the orthopedic clinic at the base
hospital which had a heavy schedule on each Tuesday.  I saw her car
come into the parking lot.  She was not driving as before.  Her Dad
got out of the drivers seat and came around to her side to help Emily
out.  As he helped her get out, I could see something was different
about the way she was moving.  The card door closed and she started
to walk towards the building.  Her leg cast had been changed and was
now a long leg walking cast.  She also had a long arm cast, including 
the thumb on her left arm.  This was the first time I had ever seen
a young woman with casts on both a leg and an arm.  

In the waiting room I approached her to get the story.  She had been
going down some long stairs without her crutches, walking on her old
bent knee long leg cast.  Her casted foot hung on the stair, she lost
her balance and fell head first down the stairs breaking both bones
in her arm.  The Doctor had changed out her leg cast with a new full
length walking cast that extended way up on her hip, actually higher
than the earlier cast.  They set her arm and put a long cast on it,
and enclosed her thumb in the cast to prevent her from using the 
hand and fingers of her broken arm.  She was glad to be able to walk
on the leg cast because crutches would have been impossible to use 
with the arm cast.  Emily had come in on that day for x-ray checks to
make sure her leg and arm were still set properly.  She looked really
great in those two casts.  I asked her what her boyfriend had to say
about her new condition.  She said he had not minded the leg cast 
because it had not interfered with any sexual activities, but that
the huge cast on her arm had prevented her from properly servicing
him.  He much preferred her to use both of her hands on him.  This 
one leg, one arm casted woman was not good.  She also said that the 
broken arm was much more trouble than her broken leg was.  She could
not do her makeup and other important functions.  The news from the
Doctor was that her long leg cast would be on for a couple more weeks,
but the arm was going to be a further six to eight weeks.  She walked
back to the car leaving me with a life long memory of a young woman
encased in two large casts. 

During her return clinic visit two weeks later, the Doctor cut the 
top part of the of her long leg cast off, folded down the cotton 
liner and refinished the top of her now short leg walking cast.
The long arm cast was inspected and left in place. 

Emily's overall lifestyle was greatly enhanced by her short leg
walking cast.  To her, the cast on her arm was a lot more trouble 
than any cast on her leg.  I watched as Emily and her friend played
soccer.  She ran as best she could, and kicked the ball with both 
the casted leg and her good leg.  She also used her casted arm to
beat off the other players.  At one point she forced a take away
play by driving into the opponent and knocking them down.  The 
next time the ball came to Emily, she was cross tackled by the 
defender.  Most of the impact went through her legs taking them out
from under her.  She flipped over, landing hard on the grass. I was
sure she must have done some further damage to her already broken 
leg or arm.  Evidently not, for she jumped up and took off down 
the field!  Needless to say, I monitored Emily the whole time I was
based at Mather A.F.B., California.  I was sure that this girl was
going to end up casted again.  She was one heavy duty Tom-Boy. She 
always looked like the more physical contact the better. 

Her close relationship with her boyfriend could be confirmed by 
simply observing the two of them handle each others various body 
parts, and areas of sexual enhancement.  He was always running his
hands all over her lovely body, touching, feeling, holding her 
casts while rubbing her fingers and toes.  On occasion, he would 
give her a foot massage including her casted toes. This would only 
go on for a few minutes as her sexual juices would soon be flowing.
She would then turn to him, wrap her long arm cast around him, and
with her good armand hand attack his sexual organ.  At one point, 
she was trying to use both her casted and non-casted hands to 
probe his body.  They were never shy about these displays of sexual

Her next orthopedic clinic visit brought the normal amount of lecture
from her Doctors about her physical abuse of the casts - threats to
keep the casts on longer or put her in more restrictive casts - fell
on deaf ears.  She did not care.  Her long arm cast was changed to 
a short arm cast, and the cast on her leg removed.  Her previously
broken leg was finally free again, and the significant limp soon 
went away as Emily proceeded with her active lifestyle.  I rotated 
to my next base assignment knowing Emily was a great find.

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