This excellent tutorial was found in the web archives.
It is far too significant to get buried or worse lost forever there, thus we have enhanced the photos and done a little reformatting:

How to build a Walking Cast.

Made of Plaster

1) Preparing and applying the stockinette

All casts start with the stockinette. Use 4" stockinette and cut it so that the stockinette extends 1" beyond toes and above your knee by 3".

2) Applying the cast padding

Take your 4" cast padding and start unrolling at the ankle. Go around the ankle once to secure the end and work your way across your foot, do not bunch the cast padding. Do this twice more, then continue up the leg until two fingers before the knee and work your way back to the ankle, cutting off the excess. It is important to overlap by 1/3rd. Now fold the excess stockinette back over the cast padding.


The limb position is vital

for a walking cast the foot must be at 90 degrees that meens the opposite to pointing you toes.

3) Applying the Plaster bandage

Put on the disposable gloves. Now take a 6" plaster bandage. Once again start at the ankle and make one complete turn to secure the end. Bring the plaster across the back of the foot to the just before the toes, wrapping the foot in plaster. Now repeat this process two more times. Finish the 6" roll by working your way up the leg. Now open a second 6" plaster bandage and continue from where you left off . Work your way to the end of the stockinette, making sure to leave a 1/4" of stockinette showing. Continue back to the toes still overlapping by half a bandage width.

Take five 5" slabs and place then on the sole of your foot. Start the next 6" roll from the knee and work your way to the toes and backsecuring the slabs in place.

Putting the heel on. Center the walking heel on your foot, take three slabs and wrap them around the walking heel. Now use the final 6" roll to strengthen the foot and bind the walking heel in place, work from just above the ankle to the toes.

4) Final molding of the cast

As the cast starts to set, Smooth and mold the cast to the leg.


Now you have the perfect walking cast as modeled by lovely Lorraine.

A personal note to Peter:
I want to apologize to you for what I said all those years ago. I should never have listened to you know who.
I hope you can forgive me as I would like to re-kindle our friendship.
I also want to thank a Swiss friend of mine for finding this page in the web archives.