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Gimpix Clips: January 2024 update
The process of using state of the art software to enhance & upgrade all video that was filmed on VHS and digital tape is now complete.

Although Clips 4 Sale policies remain untenable for studios with (PG rated) older clips where contact with models has long since been lost, we have decided to keep our C4S store open in some capacity as they have at least assisted us in updating the remaining clip files with the vastly improved versions. Furthermore, we are experiencing increasing issues with e-commerce platforms and payment gateway providers concerning our adult oriented clips which comprise a much smaller percentage of our commerical website content.

Thus, we recommend first checking our regular clip page as the quality is vastly improved and many prices have also been lowered as we are able to pass savings in C4S fees onto our customers.
Gimpix Clip Page

However, for adult oriented clips, i.e. any containing (even tasteful) nudity or sexual acts of any kind, one will need to proceed to our Clips for Sale site going forward. The WMV files on C4S are now the same quality as the clip page above and we shall be gradually removing the adult content from our site & e-commerce platform and migrating that material to a new sister site, over the coming days & weeks.
Clips 4 Sale

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