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This link goes to the old clips page at C4S.
We are in the process of using state of the art software to enhance & upgrade
all video that was filmed on VHS and digital tape.
This task is taking several weeks as one minute of video can easily take over one hour to process!

However, much progress has been made thus we anticipate the project being largely complete by the end of July 2023 at which point the old Clips 4 Sale store will be mostly or completely shut down as their policies have become untenable for studios with older clips most of which are PG rated!

We recommend first checking the: NEW Clip Page

as the quality is vastly improved and many prices have been lowered as well since we are able to pass savings in C4S fees onto our customers.

Alternatively, you can continue to the old clip site for a few more weeks. Note, the clips on C4S are far inferior resolution and they are making it impossible to update them.

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