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GIMPIX Video Summary (previous releases)
Please Note: Models 21 and prior were originally filmed on VHS, not digital tape, thus the quality of these movies is limited by the source tapes.
As these videos are updated, it will be mostly necessary to supply the enhanced files in WMV9 format as the e-commerce platform has a 5Gb limit. Once the majority have been completed, other variations such as MPEG, MP4 and even 4K will be available on a custom request basis.
For customers who may only be interested in certain scenes they can: Download Video Clips Here (new page).
We are in the process of using advances in software technology to enhance all previous videos & clips.
Those that have been updated are indicated by:

Some weeks later, Lucky's long leg cast has been replaced with a plaster short leg walking cast. However, since it had not fully hardened, she continues to use crutches for a further ten minutes. For the rest of the video, Lucky experiments with various styles of skirt and shoe as she clomps around in her cast which a number of her friends had signed. After her bath she changes into a tight fitting black dress for a night on the town. Also, featured are numerous closeup shots in response to client requests.
Length: 55 minutes (PG edition).

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 3.48Gb

Model Twenty calls herself Lucky. Or rather she was, until she fell off her platform heel shoes and ended up in a full leg plaster cast. She continues to hobble around on one heel, before changing into more practical footwear for a crutching exercise to the swimming pool where she paddles her non casted leg in the water. She then changes into her cheerleader outfit for more crutching, including some low angle and rear views. Following her crutching workout, she returns to her room for a period of relaxation. Rested up, now changed into her evening gown, (which fortunately has a slit up the side) she ventures out to the car for a night on the town. Length: 55 minutes (PG edition).

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 3.45Gb

Holly is a former magazine model. Hobbling from the elevator to her hotel room, she starts by painting her casted toe nails. Following a change of clothes, she embarks on an extended crutching exercise through the hotel shopping & restaurant concourse where her proficiency in their use is improved. Two costume changes follow where Holly models a PVC nurses outfit and a French maid costume. She closes the video out with some blue lingerie. Length: 50 minutes (PG edition).

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 3.02Gb

Chantale: Several minutes of outdoor crutching both around the motel parking lot, and along a downtown sidewalk. Other activities include: getting in & out of car; and ascending & descending stairs; all wearing a high heeled shoe on the non-casted leg!
Marianne starts out using forearm crutches to walk/hobble, followed by walking without crutches. However, although her cast is equipped with a walking heel, the cast extends above her knee to mid-thigh, thus making her gait more awkward than with a normal SLWC. In the latter part of the video, the girls start to become very friendly with each other as a result of being neglected by their male companions! Length: 46 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). Gb

This video has something for everyone. Brittany starts out in a wheelchair with both legs in toe to thigh plaster casts as a result of a skiing accident (8 mins). Once down to a single full leg cast (23 mins), she keeps the 'chair until she is confident enough to hobble around on crutches. Finally, she is allowed to walk around in a traditional plaster walking cast (18 mins). Length: 49 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 3.13Gb

Mostly outdoor activity at a street fair and in the park. Valerie wears a flat shoe so is quite gimpy. Many people on the street wondered if they had consumed too much when they saw her later without a cast on!
Length: 15 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 0.98Gb

Leggy Amber broke her leg roller blading. With a hip to toe plaster cast she treats us to plenty of indoor and outdoor crutching wearing a short blue dress, a tartan school uniform, an alluring red slip and her bra & panties. Mostly using traditional wooden crutches, but she does a brief stint with forearm crutches, and is quite proficient at using them. Length: 39 minutes (PG edition).

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 2.54Gb

This is a short video of Lorraine & Elaine in a Montreal shopping concourse. Perhaps the highlight is when Elaine calls out to a jolly chap known as Mr Quebec who obliges her by signing her cast. There are also some other interactions with passersby. Length: 12 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 825Mb

Jenna starts out crutching through an airport terminal & hotel lobby in a long leg cast (20mins). These public areas are quite busy, and it is interesting to note the reactions of passersby. Returning to their hotel room, they decorate each others casts and then go on another crutching excursion through the airport after an outfit change. Jenna then changes to a short leg walking cast and tighter skirt for the rest of the video. She also wears flat shoes making her quite gimpy (10 mins).

Alexis spends the entire video in a bulky plaster long leg walking cast. She accompanies Jenna for the first twenty minutes on crutches, and her althletic build makes her a very proficient crutcher. For the remainder of the video she accompanies Jenna without crutches. Length: 30 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 0.98Gb

Brooke begins with a long leg cast (20 min). She models a cheerleader outfit; crutching through car park, including a brief stint with forearm crutches. Tired out, she retires to her bedroom where she changes into lingerie, and shows us her seductive side! Length: 22 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 1.38Gb

Later Brooke gets a couple of different short leg walking casts. We see her first gimping in her cheerleader outfit. That is followed by a tight fitting short evening dress and black pump. The next extended outdoor gimping sessions with a blue denim dress and then a pink secretary style outfit include her walking along the street to a local park where she attempts to use the slide, swing and climbing frame. Length: 34 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 0.98Gb

Liz is a tall girl who finds herself in a massive long leg plaster cast. She is smooth on her crutches as she hobbles quite long distances outside in a variety of outfits including short skirts, one of which is a classic school tartan. At one point she has to swiftly crutch through parking lot traffic back to the car. Later in the video her big cast is nicely exposed as she crutches around the room in underwear. She relaxes on the bed her plastered leg suspended in the air. Note, we still need to rotate some frames 90deg in the full version. They have been corrected in clip 8-03 but we felt it was more important to upload the E1080p version in the meantime. Length: 45 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 2.85Gb

Not long out of her LLC, Liz ends up with a short leg walking cast on the other leg. There is extensive outdoor crutching & walking action, including to & from store, car with various outfits as above. Length: 45 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 2.85Gb

At the request of fans of big, bulky casts we have dug this one out of the archives. Although not the most proficient crutcher of the ladies we've worked with there is an outdoor sequence and back inside in underwear and stocking/suspenders. Length: 20 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080).

Actual excerpts from Kathy's video. Kathy is a tall, slender girl who finds herself in a plaster cast from toe to upper thigh. Sitting on the couch she telephones her friend to tell her what happened. After hobbling around outside, including at a shopping centre parking lot, she returns to her room for some rest. She relaxes on the bed in her underwear and then red lingerie. Then it is time to take a bath being careful not to get her big cast wet. We were able to leave limited scenes where bubble bath eliminates any revealing of private parts. Done with her bath and wrapped in a towel she returns to the bed to apply lotion. Finally there is an indoor crutching sequence in a short denim skirt. Length: 30 minutes (PG edition).

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080). 2.03Gb

Michelle starts with a LLC (10 min), and then changes to a SLWC for the remaining time. Extensive outdoor walking. uses crutches for LLC and first few minutes of SLWC. Length: 55 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080)

The video features extensive outdoor walking, but perhaps the highlight is when she does her stage dance routine in her SLWC! Length: 50 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080)

Mikki starts out hobbling around in a short grey skirt that shows the massive, thick cast on her right leg off nicely. She then goes an extended crutching excursion to a local lakefront park in a cute black dress. Back in her room, she examines her big cast in the armchair and on the bed. She paints her hard to reach toenails before changing to a polka dot skirt and crutching out to the car. Some nice views of her cast on the bench seat. Somehow, she then manages to get into a tight pair of denim shorts despite her huge plaster cast and hobbles off to play pool in the bar. Length: 78 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080)

The one that started it all thirty years ago (OMG)! If big, bulky style casts are your thing this movie is for you! Extended crutching through an airport terminal in the outfit shown as well as lingerie scenes within the bedroom. There is a sound issue after the first airport sequence. Length: 50 minutes.

Video E1080p: WMV 9 (1920 x 1080)
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