Gambling on Hotel Street, Hawaii 1969

Chapter One

This story is true as best I can recall.  My memories of the 
good old days of plaster casts on fractures and blown out knees.
The names are changed and the writer has provided enhancement 
to the storyline.

Gambling and sports betting took place at several establishments
on Hotel Street, Honolulu, Hawaii.  Lots of locals and military
personnel from Hickam and Pearl Harbor frequent the various bars
and clubs to arrange for evening escort ladies and to gamble.

Our young man has run up a large sum of bad money to a group of
loan sharks that is several months overdue.  Threats have been 
made by the collection side of the bad guys operation. Past 
history has been that these guys play for keeps and are very 
physical.  Seldom do they kill you, but bad things can and will
happen if you do not pay back loans with interest.

Late one afternoon bad guys one, two and three track down our 
young man at a hotel street bar back lot to collect all or
partial payment for his outstanding gambling debt. After stopping
his car they removed him from the vehicle along with his 
girlfriend.  Both were placed against the building.  Additional
discussions about late payments occurred.  Some initial slapping 
around determined the individual did not have enough money on
him to offset the required amount of payment.  More discussions
occurred with increased physical abuse.  At that point bad guy
one and two took the young man down to the ground and with 
professional skill proceeded to put his right arm at a very odd
angle.  That generated pleas from the young man and his 
girlfriend not to break his arm.  As if driven by an underground
rule, number one bad guy snapped both bones in his right arm. 
Screams were heard and all the color ran out of his face.  At 
that point the girlfriend escaped the grasp of number three bad
guy, pivoted on her size four foot and kicked with her other leg.
The blow landed directly between the legs of number three bad
guy.  Although a very small foot, it was directed with sufficient
energy to drop bad guy number three to his knees, at which point
she delivered another blow to his chest.  She then turned her
attention to bad guys one and two.  Several blows rained down 
on them with good force and direction.

We are talking about a five foot tall, one hundred pound local
girl who knew a little bit about the fine art of Asian fighting.
She was having her way with those men keeping numbers one and
two occupied while number three tried to get himself together.
As the battle proceeded, number one and two quickly determined
they needed to use their six foot plus, two hundred and fifty
pound bodies together to stop this onslaught of well placed blows
about their bodies.  They charge her at the same time and take
her down.  As they gained some control over this attractive
young fireball, bad guy number three rose to his feet.  

Number three bad guy proceeded to the pile of bodies.  Two large
men sitting on one small woman trying to keep her from doing 
any more damage to their bodies.  Number three bad guy wanted 
only one thing: the size four foot that was applied to his 
private parts with enough force to leave a sole print of her
hiking boot on his balls.  With the rage of a wounded tiger and
the skill of a professional hit man, he grabbed her foot and 
leg applying sufficient twisting and bending force to snap both
bones in her lower leg - first the small bone and then with
additional force the large bone.  The girlfriend then became 
very still.  He then slammed her broken leg to the ground.

The leg looked very bad as her foot now pointed 180 degrees away
from where it should have been.  With boyfriend and girlfriend 
now down and still; bad guys one, two and three exited the area.
People passing by helped him and her to their car generating 
large amounts of screaming from both damaged bodies.  The  
boyfriend drove them to the local hospital.

Emergency room personnel examined Jimmy and Sina sending them to
x-ray. Pictures indicated Sina's right leg had sustained spiral
fractures of the tib/fib.  Jimmy's forearm had displaced fractures.
Next stop - The cast room.  Jimmy is put in a full length arm 
cast bent ninety degrees at the elbow enclosing his thumb.  Sina's
leg is aligned and placed in a full length cast from her child 
like small toes to the very top of her thigh.  The cast is bent at
the knee and her ankle is in a natural position pointing slightly
down and inward.  Both are given pain medications and rolled out
to the exit.

Sina stands up on her new wooden crutches and proceeds across the
lot at the side of Jimmy and his freshly casted arm.  This was 
truly a beautiful sight as she crutched across the parking lot 
like a pro, her casted toes just clearing the lot surface as she
swung her broken leg through the arch of the crutches.  Once in 
the car, Jimmy told Sina that she almost got them killed.  All 
they were looking at was a simple broken arm until she attacked
the troops.  Now, her leg had been destroyed, she was in a cast
from her toes to her hip, and would be for months.  The doctor
would not even attempt to guess when she would be out of the cast.

After a couple of very painful days and nights with little sleep,
Sina and Jimmy were still wondering how they got into such a 
state of affairs.  Her right leg was a mess and his right arm was
useless.  Every time she tried to use her crutches, the lower half
of her leg started to swell up.  A short period of time on her
crutches caused her ankle and foot to swell against the inside of
the cast with enough pressure to cause her to lose feeling in 
her toes.  Her only recourse was to lie down on the floor and get
the leg up above her heart.  Jimmy was not a lot of help. His arm
was casted at a ninety degree angle, including his thumb. Both 
casts followed the contours of their bodies, and had been rubbed
out to a creamy smooth finish.  On the third day, the general 
feeling of overall pain had gone.  Jimmy especially was 
experiencing strong sexual desires every time he looked at her tiny
toes sticking out of the cast which extended from beyond the base
of her toes, up over her high arched foot, around the ankle, along
her firm calf muscle, over the bent knee up to the top of her thigh.
The beautiful white plaster cast completely covering one of her legs
was driving him wild.  Sina was also showing signs of passion.  She
had always felt strong sexual desires when in the presence of 
casted people.  The restrictive, vulnerable look was something 

Jimmy and Sina rolled on the carpet in each others arms.  Jimmy's 
touch with his casted hand and thumb anywhere on her body brought
surges of passion.  He had been rubbing her breasts with his cast
which had made her nipples firm.  He now turned his attention to 
her feet rubbing them with both his broken arm and good arm.  His 
next moves to kiss, lick and suck on her exposed toes brought a 
fire hot level of desire to Sina.  She reached for his sex organ 
with both hands, pleading with him to get inside her before she 
exploded.  His penetration came none too soon as they both 
experienced the ultimate climax of passion.  After a short rest, 
they found themselves physically and emotionally satisfied.

They decided to venture out for a short field trip. Jimmy located 
some cut off blue Jean shorts and helped her pull them up over her
casted leg.  While Jimmy was putting a leather sandal on her good
foot, she pulled a t-shirt on.  Standing up on her crutches, she
looked great.

Sina entered the theater lobby with all eyes on her. As she 
crutched through the lobby, swinging her casted leg back and forth
and wiggling her exposed toes; all attention seemed to lock on
her casted leg.  Initially, she found these direct stares to be 
exciting.  During the movie, Jimmy reached for her cast to put 
it up on the chair back in front of them.  This relieved the 
swelling, and let everyone enjoy the view of her casted leg propped
up on a high back theater chair.

Next stop: dinner at the hamburger shop.  Sina crutched through the 
door while all eyes turned in her direction.  Once seated, she again
experienced swelling and pain around her lower leg.  This time, Jimmy
lifted her cast to his lap and put her foot between his legs. Normal
small movement of her casted toes were felt by Jimmy. Before dinner 
is delivered, she could feel his erection with her exposed toes.
Jimmy slid her foot aside as she smiled and asked slyly: "what was 
his problem"?  He then lowered his casted arm down to her exposed
toes, rubbing them gently.  Now, her face turned red and they were
both aroused.  Dinner over, Jimmy helped her stand up.  He followed
her out the door, watching carefully as she naturally crutched to 
the car.  Sina moved smoothly on the crutches having used them 
several times during her active life.

Four weeks later, we located Jimmy and Sina at a park next to the 
beach.  They were on a blanket wrapped up in each others bodies.  
Her leg cast was soiled and looked like the worst for wear.  His 
arm cast was also worn, but appeared to be in better shape than 
her cast.  Both were enjoying each others well tanned bodies while
engrossed in a passionate kiss.  The look of her full length leg 
cast wrapped around him, and his arm cast wrapped around her was 
worth the price of admission.  Their little roll in the grass was
about to take a very bad turn.......

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