Gambling on Hotel Street, Hawaii 1969

Chapter Two

The three enforcers now appeared on site.  She rolled over, jumped 
to her feet (foot), and balanced on her good leg, while Jimmy got up
and handed her crutches to her.  Now, she became balanced and the 
look on her face indicated she was ready to defend herself.  The
conversation centered around money as before.  Jimmy explained that 
he had to pay both his and her hospital bills, and did not know how
much more money it was going to cost.  His arm was healing OK, but 
her leg would require additional procedures and much longer to heal.
Bad guy number three indicated he had been having recurring problems
with his private parts and his male organ since she kicked him
between his legs.  He wondered if she had learned her lesson, and 
is now willing to show him proper respect, or does he need to 
reinforce his position by breaking her other leg, or maybe an arm?
Jimmy quickly stepped between Sina and bad guy number three in 
attempt to calm the emotions and prevent any additional injury to
anyone.  Sina hopped around him and indicated that she could take 
care of herself, and wanted to know if number three needed some
additional lessons in the fine art of Asian battle?  Number three 
proceeded to knock Jimmy down with one sharp body blow. 

A six foot five, 250 pound plus man moving towards this five foot 
tall 100 pound female terror tiger with her leg in a cast and two
crutches in her hands appeared to be a gross mismatch.  She held her
ground and did not retreat.  Now standing firm with weight on her 
cast and good leg, she raised one wooden crutch to begin the battle.
As he came within range, she struck a thrust blow with the crutch,
at the same moment placing all her weight on the very small little
toes sticking out of the cast.  This freed her good leg to deliver
a well placed blow to his knee.  He did not go down, but his knee
buckled as he withdrew.  She regained her balance and prepared for
his next approach.  She was now moving on the casted leg, still 
holding one wooden crutch.  As she moved, putting weight on the 
four week old broken leg, he face showed signs of pain.  Each time
the cast twisted.  Knowing she could only handle one at a time, she
moved to keep all three men in front of her.  Number three now made
another approach - this time he grabbed her remaining crutch and
forced her off balance.  She now had no choice but to let go of the
crutch and regained her balance.  Upright, balanced, and ready; she
lunged towards him with all her strength, landing blows with her
hands.  Using her good leg for support, she swung her cast around as
high as she could.  The casted instep of her foot hit just under his
chin.  This blow along with the others were only making him mad.  
She now stood with weight on both the cast and her good leg.  Huge
amounts of pain now emanated from her broken leg.  Damage was being 
done to her leg which was not supposed to have had any weight on it
for eight weeks.  Her lack of mobility now became a concern.  The 
pain was bad, distracting her every time she stepped down on the cast.
Seeing a chance to gain control, number three bad guy charged her. 
Unable to move fast enough, his body contacted hers driving her to 
the ground.  Now down with a 250 pound man on top of her, she found
herself compromised - who knew what they might break now?  

Bad guys number one and two were now holding her down on her back.
Her casted leg and good leg flying around in all directions.  Number
three bad guy grabbed her cast and threw it to the ground.  He then 
placed his boot on the ankle/in-step section of the cast driving her
casted heel into the grass.  He then kicked with his other leg into 
the back section of her casted knee with enough force to crush the
cast in that area.  His next move was to stomp directly down on the
top part of the casted knee, breaking the cast down flat on the 
ground.  Her once thirty degree bent casted leg now lay straight on
the grass with the cast in the area of her knee crushed soft.  Number
two bad guy now sat on her hips and number one held her arms down.
Sina had tears running down her face, but made no sound as she bit
her lip.  Number three now grabbed her casted foot and with one hand
over her toes, the other hand at her heel rotated rapidly left and
right.  She could feel the bones separate, and a state of unconscious 
came over her.  As her eyes rolled back into her head, she lost 
sense of what was going on.  Number three now grabbed her good leg 
and bare foot which was now laying still.  Her small foot was totally
enclosed in his huge hand.  With one sharp move, she would be in a
wheelchair with two broken legs and he would have relieved his anger.
Then, for some unknown reason, he kissed her beautiful child like 
foot and released it from months of being in plaster.  Standing over
her, he reached down, picked her up throwing her over his shoulder,
and started towards the parking lot.  He announced that this was one
stout woman, and did not need to be bound to a wheelchair with two
broken legs.  As he reached the parking lot, she began to stir.  He 
layed her down in the car, carefully placing her crushed casted leg
on the seat.  As he picked up the lower leg to slide her across the
seat, traces of fresh blood were coming out of the cast around her
toes.  Serious damage had been done to this leg.  Jimmy had retrieved
her crutches, as he was being briefed on the criteria of repayment 
of his debt.  His arm and her leg will remain broken until payment
was made.  If four weeks passed and he had not made good on the loan,
they intended to find both of them and rebreak said bones again!

By the time they arrived at the hospital, blood had collected around
her foot and toes.  Sina was coming out of the shock that her body
went into and the pain was intense.  She realized that the last four
weeks of enduring this leg cast had been wasted.  The cast was 
removed to expose open holes in her skin where several sharp ended
bones had cut open the skin.  X-rays showed displaced fractures of
both lower leg bones in the area of the original fractures.  Twice
broken bones where bone ends are displaced cause the healing nerves
to develop into non union fractures.  The time to heal doubles, and
sometimes they do not mend back requiring external support. Surgery
would normally be performed, but she had no medical coverage.

It was decided to reset the leg, stitch up the holes, and put her
back in an extended length long leg cast.  Two nurses and a doctor
held the hip and foot area to pull all bones back into alignment.
One large jerk, and things appeared to be lined up.  The three 
shots injected into her hip, had relieved the pain, and no feeling
existed below her hip.  She watched as the doctors discussed the 
best angles to set her new cast at to ensure both bones stayed in
alignment.  Stockinette was pulled over the leg and cast padding
applied.  The plaster was readied as the nurse lectured her on the
critical necessity to not put any weight on the leg, while following
all the proper cast care procedures.  The bones would not mend
together if she treated this new cast like the one they just 
removed.  Her old cast was full of grass stains and broken down.
Her toes were scraped, swollen and bruised.  She had absolutely
been walking on the casted leg.  This behavior was unsatisfactory
and would result in a short leg non union condition.

Plaster was now being applied to her leg by two technicians working
on her thigh and foot at the same time.  The doctor explained that
he meant no disrespect because his hands were very close to her 
private area.  He indicated that this cast must be as high as 
possible.  The first layers of plaster now extended over her thigh
to her hip joint, down to her knee which was bent at a forty-five
degree angle.  This knee angle would keep her foot from contacting 
the ground when she stood.  Her foot had been placed at a natural
angle, with her toes turned slightly inward.  Thick layers of plaster
extended out to the second joint of her toes.  She was stood up next
to the cast table to ensure no weight could be placed on the leg 
when it hung as she stood.  The extended foot cast prevented her toes
from contacting the floor.  She was now looking at a creamy smooth
plaster cast that followed the leg curves, conforming to her high 
arched foot, and extended from the tips of her toes to her hip. Her
anger now surfaced as she demanded to know how long it would be 
before she could walk normally?  The doctors answer was that he was
trying to save her leg, and did not know if she would ever walk 
normally again.  This brought tears to her face as she realized this
was a very real and serious problem.  His only statement was to think
in terms of months, not weeks.  She now committed to a plan to work
through this injury so she could destroy bad guy number three's right
leg, making sure he experienced up close and personal exactly what
she was going through.  She can and would break his leg in as many
places as she could.  

Her new cast drying, she is wheeled out to the hospital entrance and
given back her crutches.  As she crutched across the parking lot, she
had a real sense that this cast was not the same as her other one. 
After a restless night with pain every two hours as the medication 
wore off, she decided to get out of bed.  Proceeding to the bathroom,
she stood in front of a full length mirror, amazed at the size of 
this cast.  It extended to the very top of her thigh.  As she touched
the top edge of the cast she could feel her hip joint.  The knee was
bent more; and her foot pointed down and to the inside with only the
ends of her toes sticking out of the cast.  She poised on the tip 
toes of her good foot, raising the cast up to allow it to swing clear
of the floor.  A high heel or thick soled shoe would be necessary to
allow easy crutching over distances without having to hold her casted
leg out in front of her. be continued........
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