Gambling on Hotel Street, Hawaii 1969

Chapter Four

The wonderful evening came to a close as he helped her to the 
apartment.  Sina now crutched down the hall and into the bedroom to
use the bathroom.  Moments later she called to Jimmy.  He came out
of the living room and into her bedroom.  Entering the room, he 
found her on the bed with nothing on but a bra and panties.  Her 
cast was covered by a sheet and her left leg stretched towards him,
her ankle and toes pointed.  In bed, she felt somewhat normal as her
movements are equal to his without having to deal with the crutches.
First she was on top, then he was on top and so on.  It was going to
be a long night as each of them tried to accelerate the passion and
physical contact between them.  During these times of heavy passion
she forgets about her bad leg until Jimmy starts to kiss her toes.
Jimmy had always been fond of her prefect little feet.  Jimmy licked
and rubbed the toes of her good leg, this drove her to a near climax
condition.  He now moved to her casted foot, kissing and rubbing the
ends of her toes.  Sina pulled him away as the surges of desire are
causing her to flex the broken leg generating significant pain as 
she pushed her leg to all sides of the cast.  At one point, her near
climax condition involuntarily drove her foot down to the bottom of
the cast with a sharp thrust.  As tears fill her eyes, she pleaded 
with Jimmy to restrict his play to her good leg only.  Their mutual
level of passion had developed beyond foreplay. They were both more
than ready for serious intercourse. 

It was time for a visit to the doctor for a cast change.  Even with
her limited mobility, her damaged leg had shrunk in size allowing
movement between portions of her leg and the inside of her cast.
Sina entered the orthopedic office waiting room, which was full of
casted individuals - young and old - and all kinds of casts. This 
was 1969 and doctors put you in a cast for just about anything. There
was good money in casts and the associated visits.  Sina sat down
next to another young woman casted similar to her.  This woman was
in a car wreck that crushed her lower leg down to the floor board of
her car, as the dash came in on her.  She had to be cut out of the
car.  So far, this was her third cast.

It was time to see the doctor.  Sina crutched to the X-ray first, 
then to the cast room.  The doctor reported things were looking good.
Her current cast was in good condition, just too loose.  It was a 
shame to destroy the cast, but there was no way to tighten up the 
cast to keep her leg from moving.  Off came the cast, exposing a
really bad looking leg with a pinkish red color, and lots of hair.
A nurse brought some warm soapy water to wash the leg.  She then
applied plenty of medicated lotion to improve the skin condition.
Technicians worked on her leg trying to keep it from large 
movements while they applied a new cast.  Questions about how high
and how far down her foot were directed to the doctor who told them
to take it up as far as they could, and down to the base of her toes.
The angles of both her knee and ankle were maintained as before.
Next, they stood her by the table to make sure with her hips level,
the cast did not contact the floor.  Out she went, with a return 
visit scheduled for three weeks later.  Sina crutched across the
parking lot, realizing she could feel the cast was tight, and it
swung free of the ground even though she was wearing flat shoes.

Once home, she propped up the cast to let it dry to full strength.
As she lay on her back on the floor with her cast up on the sofa,
she noticed that at least her toes were exposed a little more than
before.  That should help her get more movement when she wiggled 
them, and stop some of the cramps she was having in her lower foot.
After taking a little nap while the new cast dried, she decided to
try and get her favorite blue jeans on over the new cast. The new
cast was slightly smaller in diameter.  After some serious twisting,
turning and pulling, she stood in front of her mirror in her jeans.
The cast lines could be seen outlined by the tight jeans. With her
tube sock on, the cast was now totally covered.  If you looked 
closely, you could see a line at the top of the cast, and the line
where her toes were sticking out.

Now, it was time for a trip out on the strip to see how much 
attention she could get.  Sina observed cast watchers still spotted
her even though the cast was not exposed, but was nonetheless 
perfectly outlined by her tight jeans.  Her foot was getting tight,
so she removed her sock to see how much her toes were puffed up.
It appeared they were swollen quite a lot, probably because of the
amount of movement and trauma when the cast was changed that 
morning.  She wiggled her swollen toes, and looked for a place to
elevate her leg and rest.  She spotted a low wall and sat on it,
with her leg up next to her.  This will work she thought, as she
wiggled her toes to get more circulation and reduce the pressure.
As the pain subsided she started crutching back to her apartment
for an evening of elevated cast watching.  Sina was really happy to
finally get into her jeans, but getting them off was going to be 
another matter!  She decided she would need Jimmy to come over and
help her get them off.  

Jimmy arrived some time later.  He really liked the look of Sina in
her jeans.  As they worked to get them off, things started to heat up
between them.  When they finally succeeded in getting the jeans off, 
she was lying on the sofa wearing only panties and a tank top shirt.
Even with one leg in a cast she looked very sexy.  Jimmy helped her
put on a pair of old boxer shorts.  Before he could get them up to 
her waist, she reached for his sex organ.  That was all the signal he
needed to roll her off the sofa on to the carpeted floor for some 
serious love making.  Despite the cast on her leg, Sina was able to
roll around on the floor with little handicap, as she drove them both
to several climaxes.

The next three weeks were rather boring. Embarrassing looks followed 
her everywhere she went, and she was getting depressed about her lack
of entertainment.  Most of the athletic activities she normally 
participated in, she was unable to do.  Her visit to the doctor was 
also boring.  Her leg was slowly healing, but no cast change was
indicated.  The doctor told her to keep up the good habits, take care
of her leg, and maybe next time he would put on a smaller cast. 
Being careful with her cast was becoming difficult because she now
had very little pain, and the swelling was much reduced.

Sina decided that a motorcycle ride would be just what she needed to
overcome her depression and boredom.  Jimmy came to pick her up with
his old Harley.  As they looked things over, it appeared that she 
would be able to get on the back, lean back on the 'sissy' bar and 
put her casted leg around him with her foot in his lap.  The vibration
of the Harley felt good.  After an hour or so, they stopped to take 
a break.  Jimmy carried her to a place to sit because she did not have
her crutches with her.  When their break was over, Jimmy carried her
back to the bike, placing her casted leg and foot in his lap.  Off 
they went, riding with that casted leg wrapped around him and her foot
on the tank pad.  Jimmy found himself distracted by her perfect little 
toes sticking out of the cast.  Life was good and times were great.
They agreed to go back to her apartment so she could get her crutches,
use the bathroom and put on some warmer clothes so they could ride 
after dark.  Not having her crutches with her as they cruised on the
Harley was a little inconvenient, so they just kept riding and did not
stop very often.  They did get the normal amount of attention from 
people on the streets as they spotted her cast.  When the evening ride
was over, it was back to her place for some more one on one physical

The next day brought more excessive attention and numerous questions
about when she was going to get that cast off.  Sina proceeded through
her work day,  normal meal trips, chores at home, and more men 
approaching her to hear the cast story of that day.  The cast appeared
to draw people from miles around to stare directly at her.

It was time to go back to the orthopedic clinic for another check up.
Reports were good, and it was decided a new cast will be necessary.
Removal of the cast and cleaning of her leg was performed by the cast
technicians.  Sina was very concerned about the reduced size of her 
leg.  The doctor reviewed Sina's x-rays with her and explained his 
next course of action.  He believed the alignment was good, and some
weight bearing might now be tolerated.  The new cast would be a long
leg walking cast.  As they started the application process, more 
padding than normal was applied to the ankle and foot area.  Her leg
was straightened out so it would be the correct length to walk on.
Her foot was placed at a ninety degree angle to allow clearance as 
she rotated on the rubber cast heel.  Things were looking good as 
the plaster was applied with reinforcing strips of plaster at the 
knee, lower leg, ankle, and the bottom of her foot.  The last step 
was to place a rubber walking heel on the bottom of her foot and 
secure it with plaster.  Sina now stood next to the cast table without
any weight on the new cast to ensure everything was as it should be.

The new rules were that no weight was to be placed on the cast for 
one week to allow her leg to become accustomed to the new angles at
which it was now set, and most importantly to ensure the plaster
would be cured to full strength.  That would be followed by one week
of light weight bearing with crutches.  If no serious pain or swelling
were experienced, the she could try to walk with just one crutch for
a couple of days, followed by no crutches.  The doctor told her that
with her small body frame size and one hundred pound weight, the cast
would hold up well.  Sina proceeded out through the lobby, having some
difficulty holding that new straight cast up and out in front of her 
to keep the rubber heel from hitting the floor, but she knew that the
effort would be worthwhile if it meant she could get rid of her 

Daily tasks became much easier when her hands were not occupied by
crutches.  Sina started a much more intensive exercise program to get
her body back into shape.  She made a toe cover from a cut off sock
and elastic strap which helped to keep her toes clean as she became
more active.  The full length walking cast prevented her from wearing 
her tight jeans.  The only jeans she could get over the walking cast
were bell bottom types or fitted jeans that she cut along the leg
seam to open up the lower leg area.  Sina's public concerns were 
largely gone because she did not attract as much attention without 
the crutches, and kept the cast covered whenever possible.

Sina now waited for the next cast change which would be a short leg
walking cast.  She had had a short cast before, and it was not much
different than having on a boot all the time.  The adventure ended
after two short leg walking casts had been applied.  Her broken leg 
turned out to be a little shorter than her good leg, and had several
internal lumps.  Sina still had thoughts of getting back at the 
individuals who broke her leg, but time had healed her leg bones and
also reduced the intensity of her anger.

I kept track of this young lady for several years.  She was wild, 
and showed no fear of anything.  Her fearless, on the edge lifestyle
resulted in several more doctor visits including a broken arm and
wrist rollerblading.  I have always wondered if she would crash and
burn producing another broken leg, allowing me to follow her through
the process once again.  Time will tell???

...... the end .......
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