Gambling on Hotel Street, Hawaii 1969

Chapter Three

Jimmy now approached her from behind and placed his hands around her,
pulling her back to him with his casted arm.  As she backed into him,
she could feel his erection.  For whatever reason, she also felt a 
strong sexual desire, and turned towards him to embrace.  The one thing
that was the same about this cast and every cast she had been in was
her increased sexual desires.  She had never understood the condition,
but whenever she was in a cast, she could not get enough sex. During
the intercourse that followed, Jimmy commented on the size of her cast
and how high it extended up her leg, causing him some discomfort as
he thrust into her.  

After a period of rest, they got dressed.  Her outfit consisted of 
nylon boxer shorts and a t-shirt.  She put a white tube sock over her
casted foot to help keep it clean.  She had been advised by the 
doctor that at his two week inspection, if he noted any damage to the
cast, or excessive dirt on the bottom of her casted foot; that he 
would extend the cast to include her hip and waist area restricting
her to a wheelchair.  Sina would make every effort to make sure that
did not happen.

During their trip to the base, Sina told Jimmy of her plan to do 
exactly as the doctor said, and let her leg heal properly.  That would
give her the best chance at destroying bad guy number three's right
leg.  Hearing her comments, Jimmy stopped the car and yelled at her
for thinking such foolishness.  She would not get the last blow in 
that plan, and would only raise the battle level until she was killed 
and fed to the sharks.  She could not win this, and would only bring
more pain on herself and him.  His final comment was that if she made 
any move to put her plan into action, then he would be gone.  Jimmy
did not want any more trouble.  He planned to pay the loan off, get 
himself and her out of the casts, and move on.  She might have 
enjoyed being the center of attention with her cast and crutches, but
he did not.  Jimmy also told her that even though she is a very good
fighter, and has a strong toned body, she is only five foot tall and
weighs one hundred pounds.  There was no way she could realistically
expect to break the leg of a six foot five, two hundred and fifty
pound man - it simply was not going to happen.  She must use her 
energy to get back to a normal lifestyle and forget about bad guy 
number three.

As Sina dragged herself out of the car, she realized his reasoning 
was correct, and that unless she planned to spend the rest of her days
with broken arms and legs, she would follow his advice.  This moment
of truth was confirmed by a roll in the grass with much hugging and

A week later, the doctor is pleased with her new found priorities.
The cast was in good repair, the foot area was clean, and she had 
clearly not been walking on the cast.  He was concerned that not much
healing had taken place, and told her that it was going to take a 
long time.  She must stick to the rules to ensure that the bones 
would connect.  Returning at the two week point for a cast change to 
keep it as tight as possible, Sina complained that this cast was very 
restrictive.  The doctor was not overly sympathetic to her concerns.
He was glad she could not move as much as she wanted - he had 
accomplished his goal to limit her activity as much as practical.
After one last look at her toes and the bottom of her cast, the
doctor put her white tube sock back on to cover her exposed toes.

Crutching out of the office, Sina again noticed that everyone was
staring at her.  The more time she spent in this cast, the more self
conscious she was becoming.  It was starting to embarrass her.  As 
the four week loan deadline approached, she asked Jimmy if they were
going to be able to get the loan paid and avoid another visit from
the bad guys.  Jimmy said his cast was coming off, and payment would
be made.

One week later, a week before the loan due date Jimmy called to let
her know all debts and loans were paid and clear, and that he wanted
to celebrate with a nice dinner date and evening on the town.  They
agreed on Saturday night - he would pick her up at 7 p.m.  After 
working for a half day at her reception job, she was ready to get
home and start getting ready for their big night out. All day long she
had been keeping her casted leg up so the swelling that normally
occurs each evening would not happen.  Her work station allowed her
to keep her cast up and under the desk.  She also kept her crutches
under the desk.  Individuals she meets at her desk could not see
her cast.  That was the only time she felt normal.  Little did people
know that they were talking to a pretty young woman in a full length
plaster leg cast.

Sina now tried to come up with some kind of dressy outfit that would
hide her cast.  The last thing she wanted was to be the center of
attention all evening with everyone staring at her casted leg and 
foot.  People, especially men, just stopped and stared at her making
her feel very uncomfortable.  While out in public that night, she 
wanted to draw very little attention.  She enjoyed bare toes and so
did Jimmy.  After dinner she would remove the cast covers, especially
the sock covering her toes.

Now came time to decide what she would wear for the evening. After
her shower which involved putting on and removing a waterproof cast
cover, while slipping and sliding around the bathroom on one wet bare
foot, she was ready to get dressed.  A long, flowered, low cut dress
worked great to hide the cast down to her foot.  She put on her black
high top boot which raised her up to allow good clearance for the
cast to swing freely while crutching.  A black knee sock covered her
exposed casted foot.  As she stood in front of the mirror, the cast
did not show.  The black boot and black sock almost looked the same
from a distance.  Her plan was to get in quickly, and hide her 
crutches.  If the room was not brightly lit, no one would know she 
was in a cast.  That should keep most people from staring at her,
and allow them to have a nice dinner.

It was time to go.  Jimmy came through the door to see her standing
in the hallway.  He stopped and looked her up and down several times.
She was a beautiful, normal looking woman standing with open arms - 
no crutches, and no visible cast.  He was impressed.  She looked 
great in the tight waisted long dress, her hair done, and a big 
smile on her face.  This was not the same little woman whom he had 
seen fighting for her life with three large men.  "Let's go, I am
ready".  Sina hopped towards him, as he caught her in a lifting 
embrace. "You look great, where are your crutches?".  She pointed 
around the corner for him to retrieve them. Crutches in place, out
the door they went for a candle light dinner at the Palms.

As she crutched towards the car, Jimmy commented that the cast was 
not visible from the front or back.  At the restaurant, they were 
seated by an ocean view window in one corner of the dining area.
This allowed Sina a direct path to the table, where she gave her
crutches to Jimmy to put in the coat closet.  Seated, with her leg 
up in Jimmy's lap, she was sure no one would spot her cast.  She was
satisfied with her plan, because the dining room was not very full
yet.  People coming in now would not have seen her crutch in. She 
felt normal without people staring.  That would also eliminate all
those people who felt it necessary to start a conversation with her
about broken legs, at which time she would have to make up a story
to account for her condition. 

After a very nice meal, it was time to leave.  Jimmy went to get 
Sina's crutches as she stood up swinging her casted leg out from 
under the table.  Every eye in the dining room was now on her, as 
she put the crutches under her arms.  The men present could not 
believe they had been sitting there with a young woman in a long 
leg cast and not known about it.  Sina crutched out the entrance
with every man present looking at his date thinking: "I wish that
was you on those crutches and me following closely behind".  Sina
felt good about the evening and looked forward to a great night.
Jimmy helped her into the car by lifting her cast, swinging it 
into the car.

Jimmy drove them to a downtown lot and they walked/crutched along
the boardwalk until she became tired.  Actually, she was not really
tired, her lower leg and foot were swelling up which generated some
discomfort around her ankle.  They stopped at a bench and Jimmy 
lifted her casted leg to his lap, removed the sock from her casted
toes and kissed them gently.  Rubbing her toes with the leg up
relieved the pressure on her ankle.  They repeated this process
for the next hour or so with her cast sock in his pocket.  He loved
her bare toes exposed. be continued........
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