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Anyone know the title of this or have a better copy?
From Marcus Welby. I think there may some footage missing of her in a white business type outfit. I deleted the gown scenes since the cast was not visible.
If Youtube disable the clip you can download it here but I would rather use their bandwidth! Opposite (right) click & save to file is also preferred.
Beverly Hillbillies I believe?
If Youtube disable this clip you can download it here but I would rather use their bandwidth! Opposite (right) click & save to file is also preferred.
I suspect there is some footage missing here. Also, hopefully I can find a better quality version in my achives.
If Youtube disable the clip you can download it here but I would rather use their bandwidth! Opposite (right) click & save to file is also preferred.
Great instructional video on how to make a plaster slwc with an attractive female model into the bargain. Narrative is Canadian French which is a bit hard to understand for Canadians like me who learned to speak French in France!
If Youtube disable this clip you can download it here but I would rather use their bandwidth! Opposite (right) click & save to file is also preferred.
Some nice footage from an old 1970's cast care video. No idea of source.
If Youtube disable the clip you can download it here but I would rather use their bandwidth! Opposite (right) click & save to file is also preferred.
Classic SLWC from the mid Seventies. We now know that this is Susan Hampshire from an episode of the UK Thriller series, titled "kill two birds" (bird=UK slang for 'chick'). The look of the classic plaster walking cast with her orange 'A' line skirt is très sexy!
Here is the best footage from the film Bjurra referenced below. What an awesome slwc and what a high walking heel on it! If Youtube disable the clip you can download it here but I would rather use their bandwidth! Opposite (right) click & save to file is also preferred.

Old posts and outdated TV list - I hope to organize these into a searchable database at a future date.
07-MAR-98 Received the following via email:
I have read in a TV magazine that there'll be a very interested movie featuring a plaster SLC in Austrian TV programme ORF1. It is called "Bernhardiner & Katz" and runs on March 14th at 20.15 o'clock CET. I also found some web pages concerning this movie: German
27-FEB-98 Received the following via email:
the german TV station "SuperRTL" did program:
Princes in Exile (canada 1990)
german title: "Prinzen fur ein Sommer"
Saturday 28th February 1998 at 21.45 (local time Germany)
I saw in the german TV program "TV Spielfilm" that an actress is
wearing a SLC.The realisator of this film is Giles WALKER;
22-FEB-98 Received the following via email:
The following TV film (French/German coproduction from 1997) may contain a scene or two with a lady (I don't know her age though..) in a SLWC:......French title = Une vie pour une autre......German title = Rose und Melanie........ Cast (!) = Franka Potente (the cast wearer).......... The film is described at (unfortunately in German only, please note that the German word "gehgips" = walking cast).
24-JAN-98 The Rainmaker: The new John Grisham movie currently in cinemas features a fiberglass SLC
Little White Lies: This made for TV movie features a fiberglass short leg walking cast (SLWC). Check the TV Guide to find out when it might be on in your area.
Babylon 5: One episode is reported to feature a short leg walking cast (SLWC)

This lead was
received via
snail mail from
an anonymous
source in
Norway Thanks!

Many thanks to
'T' from Norway
for providing
a copy of this
film on videotape;
and to 'GS' from
Norway for the
translation in the
righthand column.

NRQ-film: 'Bjurra' (ed.note: Program is titled 'NRQ', a play on the TV station's name NRK)

NRK1 (ed.note: state-owned TV station) is showing the film 'Bjurra' from 1970, about children who create their own county in the little fishing village of Bjuraa i Lofoten. (ed.note: Lofoten = island group off the west coast of northern Norway, above the artic circle.)

One summer day 13 children from a boarding school come to Bjurra, together with custodian Pedersen (played by Henki Kolstad) and his wife (played by Inger Marie Andersen). Then one day an accident happens: Ms. Pedersen, who prepares the meals and cleans, breaks her foot and has to stay at the hospital. The children are told the must travel home again. The children take over the food preparation and cleaning on the island. Everything goes well until a stranger arrives to buy up the Island speculate in tourism...


These leads
via snail mail
from an anonymous
source in
My Three Sons 1967/68: Chip's date to the school picnic
The Mother's-In-Law 1967/68: Eve Arden & Kaye Ballard
Run For Your Life 1967/68: Young woman in auto accident
The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. (not Stephanie Powers) young woman skiing accident
Musical special 1979 or 1980 with Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, EmmyLou Harris. Ronstadt was in short leg plaster walking cast.
TV commercial: Safeway Food Stores 1979/80
Daktari episode. Casted woman is Dina Merrill.
Guess Who's Sleeping in My Bed Image added! Note: title correction. Was previously listed as Look Who's Sleeping...

???Y    Ambush (1937, B&W)
PLSN    The Big Easy
PSCN    Bjurra (Norwegian)
PSCN    The Boyfriend [42nd St.]  
PSSN    California Suite
PSWY    Carnal Desire (Valerie Anderson)
PSCN    Critical Condition (brief)
PSWN    Cry Terror
PLLN    Delta Force III
PL?Y    Desperate Lives (Helen Hunt)
PS?Y    Dinner at Eight (very brief)
PSCN    Doctor at Large? [British]
PLSN    Double Your Pleasure (featuring 'Jackee')
PL?Y    Family Honeymoon (b&w)
PS?Y    Fatal Lies
PSWN    Fortress [Australian] 
PLCY    Friends? [French] 
PSCN    Getting Physical 
PSCN    Ghost of Flight# 401
PL?Y    Gift of Love, The (Lauren Becall)
PSWN    Heart of Midnight
PSWN    Just the Way You Are
PSCY    Kathrine (brief)
PSCN    Kindergarden Cop
FS?Y    Little White Lies
PSSN    Lost and Found
PLVN    Lucky Break (same as Paperback Romance)
PS?N    Malibu Express (The)
PSCN    Man Trouble
PSWN    Made in America
PSCN    Meatballs
PLLN    The Miracle of Kathy Miller
PS?Y    Mord Auf Bestellung 
PSCN    On 42nd Street
PSCN    On Moonlight Bay (very short cast)
PLVN    Paperback Romance (same as Lucky Break)
PLLN    Parent Trap (Hawaii Honeymoon)
PCCN    Personal Best
PSSN    Promises in the dark - K. Beller
FS?Y    Rainmaker, (The)
PSWN    Scream For Help
PSCN    Skipper Surprised His Wife
PLSN    Slaves of New York
PLLN    S.O.B.
FLLN    Spanking The Monkey
PSCN    Stuntwoman, The
PCCY    Substitute, The (cylinder cast)
PSSN    Tant qu'il y aura des femmes (TV)
PSCN    Texas Justice (TV)
P??N    Three Fugitives (very brief) 
PS?Y    Too Far To Go
PSWN    Tribute
PLLN    Witches of Eastwick
PLSN    With A Song In My Heart 
PSVN    Working Girl
PLLN    Working Girl (same as above movie)
PSWN    The Zero Boys

PSCN    A Fine Romance (Margaret Whitton)
PSCN    All My Children (Dixie '94)
PSCN    Amen (Kay? Ryan)
PLSY    Anything But Love
PLLN    As The World Turns (Courtney '94)
PLSY    The Avengers (Linda Thorsen)
PLSN    Bangkok Hilton (CBC)
PLCY    Barnaby Jones (Annette O'Toole)
FSSN    Baywatch (lady motorcyclist)  
PSLN    Beverly Hills 90210 (Andrea)  
PSCN    Beverly Hillbillies
PSSN    Beyond 2000 (Bones-Amanda Keller)
PLCN    Black Forest Clinic
PSLY    Chaka Khan "Through the Fire"
PSCN    Coach (Shelly Fabares)
PSCN    Coronation St. (Sally)
PBSN    The Crusaders
?S?Y    Cybil Sheppard Show (daughter)
PBLN    Cybil Sheppard Show
???Y    Daktari (Dina Merrill)
P??Y    Dallas (circa 1988)
PSWY    Days of Our Lives (Gabrielle '87?)
PLCY    Dick Van Dyke/M.Tyler Moore Special
PSSY    Doctare 
PS?Y    Doogie Howser (basketball)
PSSY    Doogie Howser (nurse romance w/MD)
PSWY    Doris Day Show  (Doris ski accident)
PSWN    Dos Mujeres, un Camino
PSCN    Ellen (sky diving hard landing, not her)
PSLY    Emergency (nurse Dixie McCall)
PLCN    E.N.G. [Canadian]
PLLN    E.R.  (Dr. Geene wife, car wreck)
PSWN    Facts of Life (2 episodes)
P??Y    Falling Angels (Discovery Channel)
PSLN    Fall Guy - "Snow Job"
PLSN    Fall Guy  (bounty hunter)
PS?N    Family Affair
???Y    Family Feud (old series)
P?CY    F.B.I. (Shirley Knight)
PLLN    Flying Nun (Sally Field)
???Y    Frankie Valli & 4 Seasons video
PSCY    The Fugitive - Echoes of a Nightmare
???Y    The Fugitive - nobody looses all the time
PLSY    G-MEN-75 [Japan]
FSSN    General Hospital (Monica '8?)
PSCY    General Hospital (Felicia '85) 
PLSY    Gentle Ben
???Y    The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. (not  S.Powers)
PSSY    Good Heavens (Sandy Duncan)
PLWY    Guess Who's Sleeping In My Bed 
PSCY    High Sierra - Search & Rescue
PSCY    The Hogan Family (TV personality)
PSCY    Hotel (pretty blond)
?S?Y    Howard Stern show
PLLY    I Love Lucy
PSWN    I Love Lucy
?L?Y    Iron Angels
PLSN    "It's Richard I Love"
PSCY    The Jeffersons (Isobel Sandford)
???Y    Tonite Show (Clark,Jackson,Ireland)
PLCN    Juice Newton "Love's been a little bit hard on me"
???Y    Dr. Kildare
PSWY    Kojak (girl hides item in cast)
PSWY    Lassie
PLSN    Laverne & Shirley 
PLCN    "Lefty": The Carole Johnston Story
PLCY    Little Mo (M Connelly biog)
PLSN    Marcus Welby (housewife)
PSCN    Marcus Welby (music teacher)
PSSY    Medical Center (tennis player)
P?CY    Mod Squad (Peggy Lipton)
???Y    The Mother's-In-Law  (1967/68  E.Arden/K.Ballard)
PSWY    Mr Belvedere
PLWN    Mr Rhodes
PSCN    Murder She Wrote (Lansbury)
PLLN    Murder She Wrote (not Lansbury)
PSWY    Music Special,  1979/80 Linda Ronstadt
PSVN    MTV News (The Real World)
XSCY    My Sister Sam (Pam Dawber)
???Y    My Three Sons  (1967/68: Chip's date to picnic)
PSCN    My Two Dads
PSCY    Neon Rider
PLSN    Newhart (psychologist series)
PSLY    Nurse (two episodes)
PSCN    The Odd Couple (Penny Marshal)
FSSY    OPRAH (bad boyfriends 87/88?)
PLLY    Policewoman (Angie Dickinson)
PSCN    Personals (like Dating Game)
PLWN    Punky Brewster (stuck elevator)
FSWY    Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop (red cast)
PSWY    Remington Steele (Laura)
PLSN    Rockford Files 
???Y    Run For Your Life 1967/68
PLSN    Saturday Night Live (Gilda Radner)
PSWN    Scarecrow & Mrs. King  (Kate Jackson)
PSCN    Senora (Mexican Soap Opera?)
PLLN    Simplemente Maria (Spanish)
PLSN    Square One TV [PBS] 
PSCY    Square Pegs (Amy Linker)
PLCY    Tales From The Darkside (S Strassberg)
F?CY    Jim Thorpe Pro Sports Awards '94
PSWN    Trapper John MD (roller derby)
PSLY    Trapper John MD (cheerleader)
PLSY    Thirty Something (P Newman)
PSCN    The Thriller (was listed as High Tension)
PSSN    Vega$ (talent show sabotage)
PRSY    The New W.K.R.P. (Tawny Kitaen)
PSSN    The Wonder Years

PSCN    AMEX Goldcard (skier)
PLSY    Anacin 1984-85
???Y    Am Track
PLSN    Band-Aid (Canada)
PLSY    Budweiser 1985-87 (lady in wheel chair)
PSSY    Campbell's Soup
PLSY    Datsun (Nissan)
PSCN    Dodge Pickup Truck
PSSN    Gilette 
PSSY    Folgers Coffee
PSSY    FTD (flower company)
PLWN    Levis jeans (early 80's)
PSSN    Lufthansa (German TV)
PSCN    Motts Clamato (beverage) 
???Y    Safeway Food Stores
PSSN    Sunlight liquid 
PLCY    TAB (cheerleader)
PSCY    Winston cigarettes (in ski lodge)
PLSN    Yoplait (Caresse cheese)

CODING SCHEME: (columns, left to right)
Material     Length     Activity     Gimpix Needs?
P=plaster    L=long     W=walk       Y=yes
F=fiberglass S=short    C=crutching  N=no
X=non cast   C=cylinder S=sitting
                        L=lying down

BOLD  =  multiple scenes and/or a single good scene 

Italics = additions or revisions.

Underlined = available at video stores.  

Thanks to all who have contributed to this list. 
If anyone has any additional leads or comments,
please email me at the address at the top of this page

UPDATE: 25/09/11 Another list of Cast Movies/TV that I found online.  
I have not yet verified these myself.

28 Days 
48 Hrs. 
Al lupo, al lupo 
All I Want 
Banquière, La 
Berlinquer ti voglio bene 
Brewster McCloud 
Bring It On 
Brylcream Boulevard 
Cape Fear 
Charlie's Angels 
Divka na kosteti
Don't Say a Word 
Fatal Attraction 
Freundinnen und andere Monster 
Get to the Heart: The Barbara Mandrell Story 
Gli ordini sono ordini 
Hanging Up! 
Highest Pressure - Altissima pressione 
I Dreamed of Africa 
I nouvi mostri 
Il sorpassi 
Illicit Intimacy 
King of Comedy 
Komm, süßer Tod 
Little Mo 
Looking for Mr. Goodbar 
Love Letters 
Luna di miele in tre 
Matt Helm 
Mr. Bean 
Murder, She Wrote 
Nessuno mi può guidicare 
Omen, The 
Onassis - The Richest Man in the World 
Pacific Paradise 
Parents Trap IV: Hawaiian Honeymoon 
Perfect Timing 
Pride of Jesse Hallam 
Princess and the Warrior, The 
Profil bas 
Real Genius 
Rosalie Goes Shopping 
Simple Life of Noah Dearborn, The 
Sposeò Simon LeBon 
Springtime in Italy 
Stirb für mich 
Superchick Superchick USA 1973
Tenant, The 
Terminal Velocity 
Too Far to Go 
Trois Couleurs: Bleu 
Vero sera - Towards Evening 
Winter Sleepers