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Feedback to rationale

I received the following via email a while back.
Since the writer makes so many interesting comments and provides such insightful analysis,
I decided to publish the original message in its entirety:

Hi to Gimpix from London, England, from a newcomer to the 'Castroom' scene!
As I'm sure you can imagine, my recent purely chance and fortuitous 
discovery of such a wonderful world 'out there' in cyberspace, populated by 
thousands of women with legs in plaster/casts and obviously many thousands 
of like-minded plaster cast fans who share my appreciation of the sight of a 
woman sporting a leg in a (plaster) cast, has left me eager to communicate 
and share my enthusiasm with such 'soul-mates'.  Especially since, as I'm 
also sure you are able to imagine and have oft-heard, I had hitherto, for 
over 20 years, assumed my passion to be rather a singular and private one, 
'a love that dare not speak its name' as it were.  Needless to say, since 
the glorious day of 31st May this year, I have been avidly surfing the 'net, 
like the proverbial kid in a sweet shop (candy store), exploring all the 
many sites featuring images of women's legs in plaster/casts, establishing 
and reconsidering my favourite, most beautiful, sexiest legs in 
plaster/casts - a large proportion of which it seems appear courtesy of 
Gimpix's dedication to 'real women in real plaster casts'...Thank you, 

In response to your request for feedback on your 'Rationale of attraction to 
women in plaster', I would like to share my enthusiasm...

I recently saw a postcard-flyer for a dance CD that bore he legend 'Twice as 
nice - sexy and stylish'; this, I feel, perfectly describes the sight of a 
woman's leg in plaster.  Although women's legs are most attractive in their 
own right and things of beauty and wonder, a part as any other of the female 
anatomy to be admired, legs (and the leg in question itself in particular) 
are considerably enhanced should one be in plaster.  To me, this is to a 
certain extent 'kinky', and I recognise and accept my attraction to women's 
legs in plaster as 'objects of desire' as being a fetish, but in a perfectly 
harmless way for, as you say and I can but only concur, the admiration is 
for the plaster/cast itself and not for the 'negative' purpose it is being 
worn.  The only positive aspect of the practical reality of a woman having 
to wear a cast on a leg and recognising the pain suffered from any injury 
and inconvenience to the wearer having to endure a leg in plaster, is if 
said leg in plaster at least becomes the object of attraction and visual 
pleasure to a casted leg admirer.

Here, I find the subject of play-casting (a hitherto unimaginable concept) 
fascinating, most stimulating and a very wonderful idea/thing to do - the 
Gimpix models of course being the visual evidence of this.  I long in my 
wildest and most perfect of dreams for the opportunity to one day 
practically explore the possibilities for fun and pleasure to be enjoyed 
from play-plastering the leg of a like-minded and willing female companion!  
And, particularly as a painter (I'm a postgrad student at present), I would 
love to paint a model with her leg in plaster, to physically render the 
appearence of the plaster in seductive oil paint, it would be a challenge I 
would most certainly relish, from a professional and pleasure point of view! 
It is easy to imagine any number of the great nudes of art's histoy made 
greater yet by the addition of a plaster cast to a leg!  Yet somehow this 
seems to have been unexplored territory for artists...

On this subject, I feel that aesthetically a woman's leg in plaster is the 
elevating of a woman's leg into the realm of art, as a woman's leg lovingly 
sculpted in plaster, the plaster/cast caressed onto the leg, hugging and 
imitating the gently curving form of the leg.  A woman's leg in plaster is a 
woman's leg idealized and celebrated in plaster...Philosophical aesthetics, 
from its most purist perspective, would have it that 
recognition/appreciation of 'art' should still one's human desires, but a 
woman's leg in plaster - whilst undoubtedly art - is, I believe, also truly 
an object of desire, the perfect combination of the aesthetic/art and the 
erotic.  A woman's leg is the perfect form for plaster to take to fully 
realise its potential for beauty and sensuousness.  Plaster is the perfect 
material with which to cast a woman's leg too - for some reason, fibreglass 
casts just don't have that same aesthetic-erotic appeal in terms of colour 
and texture, they seem too artificial in comparison to the pure, organic 
qualities of plaster, although it does sem possible to achieve neat, very 
pleasing form with fibre.

Decoratively, cosmetically, a plaster cast customizes a woman's leg, 
glamourizing and sexualizing the leg in the manner of, yet more than, any 
stockings, shoes, boots, etc.  Even the shapliest, sexiest, most feminine 
pair of legs can be enhanced shouls one of the legs be in plaster.  Plaster 
itself is a most sensuous material, pure brilliant white, silky/chalky to 
the touch, intractible yet powerfully seductive all the same, contrasting 
with the soft flesh of the leg, the hues of the flesh, complementing the 
form of the leg, offering tantalizing glimpses of the leg beyond the extent 
of the cast, e.g. a bloom of thigh flesh at the top of a LLC or a smooth, 
pliant, honey- or copper-toned thigh above a SLC.  Toes particularly, whilst 
alluring enough on a bare foot or peeping from an open-toed shoe, are 
incredibly sexy seen emerging from a plaster cast, small, vibrantly wiggling 
in contrast to the hard, rigid mass of plaster, peeping tantalizingly, 
teasingly, saucily, even more so if polished e.g. a deep, glossy red, 
contrasting hot against the cool white plaster, each complementing the 
other, each intensifying the erotic appeal of the other.

The frisson of seeing/encountering a woman with a leg in plaster is of 
course, an intensely stimulating experience - to observe a woman crutching, 
bearing weight on her plastered leg, most preferably in a LLC, and the slow, 
rhythmic motion as she propels herself along on her crutches and plastered 
leg is a sight to behold and be treasured, and very sexy indeed.  Ideally, 
the whole cast should be visible, as should the toes of course and a glimpse 
or more of leg/thigh above the extent of he cast, nestling snugly against 
the rim between e.g. the hem of a pair of shorts, as sexy and tantalizing in 
its way as a flash of exposed midriff/navel is between waistband and short 
or cropped top.  Te wearing of shorts obviously most effectively facilitates 
the proper appreciation of a long leg plaster cast, but an 
exhibitionistically cut-off or rolled-up jeans/trouser leg can be similarly 
attractive for perhaps emphasizing the cast even more.  As can, for 
instance, the juxtaposition of a SLC (with toes exposed of course) on one 
leg and a boot of similar length on the other - another very sexy 

I suppose, given that it is likely to be less restrictive and physically 
inconvenient to the wearer, a SLC may ofer more potential for being 
incorporated into a woman's general style, almost as an item chosen to be 
worn as any other shoe/leg accessory, and therefore worn/displayed more 
naturally and perhaps sexily, but still a long leg plaster cast, exhibited 
as such, to be shown-off with the express intention of attracting attention 
from those predisposed to be intrigued by the sight of a (woman with a) leg 
in plaster, although always such a rare sight seems to me to be the most 
perfect expression of a woman's leg in plaster, of 'stylishness and 
sexiness' in direct relation to women's legs.

Maybe, with the example of Gimpix, many more women will be turned-on to the 
fact that a woman with a leg in a (plaster) cast is a real turn-on, and will 
be intrigued and encouraged to regard a leg cast as an item/option of 
foot-/leg-wear, as stylish and sexy as any shoe or boot, and will get 
plastered/casted and get out there into the real world to strut their stuff 
and flaunt their legs in plaster for those of the requisite taste (and 
refinement!) to appreciate and celebrate such a sight...What a wonderful 
world that would be!

Comments and feedback about the preceding are welcome via