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The  beauty of female legs has captivated men (and women) for ages.  
The  allure of soft, luscious thighs and shapely calves is 
irresistible. Bare  legs and feet are beautiful by themselves, 
but  their  glamour is often enriched by various accessories 
such as footwear or hosiery. 

However,  there is one type of accessory that arouses some with
an intensity  second  to  none. Their pulse quickens whenever 
they see a pretty woman with her leg in a plaster cast, 
either hobbling on  crutches or staggering along in a walking cast!

You are probably thinking this is very weird and kinky, but it 
should NOT be perceived as sadistic.  Obviously, there is nothing 
pleasant  about  any form of trauma or injury.  

The  appeal is for the plaster cast itself, not the  purpose  for 
wearing it, and this is proven by the fact that a cast on a  non-
injured  leg  is equally stimulating. Like stockings  and  high 
heeled shoes, a plaster cast should be regarded as merely an item 
of leg apparel.  

If casts were not associated with such a negative aspect of life, 
they  might be perceived from a glamour perspective as easily  as 
other  leg related items. Despite this situation, it is proven that 
many people  have  an interest in casts, either  actively  or  subcon-

Of the many orthopedic devices that exist, only plaster leg casts 
have  such  charisma. Splints, bandages or braces do not  have  a 
similar allure, nor does a woman using only crutches. Plaster  is 
superior to fiberglass, and a poorly constructed cast has greatly 
diminished appeal. 
Clients tell us that the factors that make a plaster leg cast 
alluring pertain to: leg motion, leg  appearance and the foot, i.e.
the  same characteristics  that make legs glamourous in general.  
Therefore cast  attraction shares common links with mainstream 
leg  topics.  The first three are:

*   Limited movement because of cast weight and rigidity
*   The  lurching, non-symmetric gait of walking casts,  or 
    smooth, floating motion of crutching
*   Noise made by cast on certain surfaces

Physical restraint is often used for entertainment purposes,  but 
many  of  the methods used are inappropriate for  public  display 
and/or  not  practical for prolonged use. A cast  does  not  have 
these limitations.

Finding the awkward motion produced by the weight and rigidity of 
a  walking cast appealing might seem strange, but consider  high 
heeled shoes:  There are far more practical and comfortable types 
of footwear available. However, high heeled shoes enjoy fantastic 
popularity  mainly  because of the glamourous appeal  of  shapely 
legs teetering around on three inch plus spikes. 

Seeing a woman swinging her leg back and forth, while dangling  a 
high  heeled shoe from her toes is delightfully flirtatious, as is 
watching her cast  rocking back and forth  on the rubber  walking 
heel  as  she stands or walks.  Unfortunately casts  that 
incorporate such heels have become scarce  in  recent years,  
and the cast sandal that has replaced them does not  have 
the same effect.

Appreciation  of  the  hollow sounds made by  a  cast  contacting 
floors  or other objects are best rationalized by comparison   to 
the sounds made by fabrics like nylon and spandex rubbing together, 
or  those made by shoe heels on hard floors.  The  next  two 
factors are:

*   Contrasts between the cold abrasive texture of brilliant  
    white,  solid plaster; and warm, smooth, soft flesh in various 
    shades of skin color. 
*   The contours of an esthetically pleasing cast should follow 
    and complement  the shape of the leg. The foot portion of 
    a  walking  cast should have a neatly rounded appearance.

There is something about the texture and brilliant luster of pure 
white  plaster  that fiberglass casting  products  cannot  match, 
despite  the  vast  array of colors they  offer.  The  merits  of 
plaster versus fiberglass is the cast variation on the  perpetual 
debate  among  leg  enthusiasts over  traditional  stockings  and 
modern pantyhose.

The next two factors are foot related: 

*    Seeing toes sticking out & being "wiggled"
*    Smell of cast & foot

Watching a woman wiggling her toes is seductive whether they 
are  in  a cast or not. But seeing them sticking out  of  plaster 
enhances the allure. 
Although many leg men cannot personally claim to be a true foot
enthusiasts, several others are. The aroma of feet seems to  be 
central  to foot appeal, therefore this discussion  would  be 
incomplete  without recognizing the role that a cast has in  this 

The last two factors are not specifically leg related:

*    Thrill of pretense and ability to attract attention
*    Feel of applying cast

Probably  the  most  enjoyable aspect of play  casting  from  the 
female  point  of view, is the powerful ability  it  provides  to 
attract  male attention.  So much so, that a gimpy gal  is  often 
able to upstage her prettiest competition!  

Also sometimes pleasurable for women is the warm feeling provided 
by  the  exothermic  chemical reaction of  the  setting  plaster, 
although  one must be cautious to avoid high water  temperatures, 
and consequently risk of burning.

Each  cast enthusiast may be interested in one or more  of  these 
factors.  Whichever combination is chosen, there is nothing wrong 
with being  interested in an attractive woman in a leg cast.  

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