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Mainstream books featuring a woman in a leg cast
Image Title Details
Astragal Book which inspired 1968 move L'astragal?
Bad Break Teen novel
Claudia and the Bad Joke Teen novel
Fear of Flying Four or five broken leg references scattered throughout the book. Alas, no pictures.
Horse of a Different Killer Don't know what if anything it contains. Found reference but some form of signup is required and may only a preview?: details here.
Julie's Dream Date Teen novel
Not Planning on You Don't know anything about this one. Could not find full text online.
Nothing to Cheer About Teen novel
Nurse Whilst the girl on the cover is obviously too young, I am including it from a philosopical perspective. When I first saw this book, I would have been roughly that girls age and found her attractive although with no clue as to why. There is no other cast content as I recall. It was quite a long time ago!
On The Piste Stage play sometimes produced in the UK
Ski For Your Mountain not to be confused with disabled skier of 1950's, Jill Kinmont
Spring Break Teen novel
Sweet Audrina Don't know much about this one. Not even sure if it's in English as the cover title would be French?
The Bell Jar Unfortunately we could only find one brief cast reference in the book which was a pity since it is freely available in the public domain: details here.
The Boggart Don't know much about this one other than the cover looks promising.
The Way to Dusty Death A bit more reference to a girl with broken ankle in this one: full text link.
Up the Staircase Backwards The quintessential cast enthusiasts book albeit a little heavy on the religion. We never liked the little knobs sticking out of the cast so we eliminated them, made the foot of her cast more proportional, added toes and finally made the cast full leg. There are line drawings scattered throughout the book and we are going to try and improve them.
Various Other Leads Here are some other leads which we have not yet investigated:
Because of You by Jessica Scott
Changing Gears by Roseanne Beck
Delay of Game by Stephanie Kay
Healing Trace by Debra Kayn
Her Rogue to Tame by Debra Salone
Hiding in Park City by RaeAnne Thayne
Loving a Cowboy by Anne Carrole
Lyon's Pride by Maris Soule
Undefeated by unknown
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