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#21-422 Kelly - plaster long leg cast
showcasing the artistry of the leg cast from yesteryear
#24-614 Leila - plaster short leg walking cast
#29-1251 Stacy - plaster long leg cast
"why the cast?" is probably the question most often asked by potential models and others. Our philosophy at Gimpix is that a cast is not just a medical item. We prefer to think of a cast like an item of clothing or footwear, or more accurately a fashion accessory.

The casts of yesteryear were truly pieces of artwork. At the least, a unique work of sculpture which if well executed would accentuate and compliment the shape of the female leg. Furthermore, the smooth texture of the plaster would often double as an artists canvas and soon become a rainbow of colour, or at least a pre digital era blog of friends witticisms!

#30-3202R Roxie - plaster long leg cast
#25-506 Diana - stars & stripes USA flag plaster cast
#28-494 Lisa - plaster short leg walking cast
Alas, nowadays traditional plaster casts have been replaced in most of the world by hideous boot monstrosities. Gimpix is dedicated to preserving the artistry of the traditional leg cast by recreating these plaster works of art and combining them with the fashions of the period.

Lacey - plaster long leg cast
Chelsea - Picasso plaster cast
#28-494 Chelsea - Picasso plaster short leg walking cast
I would like to say a special thank you to Dian Hanson formerly of Leg Show Magazine for all her invaluable assistance in promoting Gimpix during the early years. Dian, we simply could not have done it without you!